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I was born in 1967, in the 17th district of Budapest where I still live. In 1986 I graduated from a Catholic boys' grammar school of the Piarist Order in Budapest. After being in the army for a year I studied as a regular student at the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) to be a teacher of mathematics, technology, and computer science as well as a specialized (technical) translator. After passing a qualifying examination there, I became an English-Hungarian, Hungarian-English technical translation editor in 2011. I have been married since 1987. We have four adult children (the 3rd one is a girl, the others are boys) and five grandchildren. Beginning in 1992, for three years I taught computer programming, information technology, mathematics and vocational English at the Neumann János Secondary Technical School of Computer Technology in Budapest where I was also a form-master for two years. On 30/4/1994 I became a Christian mostly through Campus Crusade for Christ. Later I felt that teaching at school did not suit my capabilities, and I could not do it the way I wanted to so I gave up teaching. Since the autumn of 1995 I have worked as a freelance translator, substantive editor, and occasionally as an interpreter (since 2010 as an entrepreneur as well). Until the end of 2018 I also took students in English and mathematics (preparing them for exams, too), and sometimes physics and information technology. I taught people of any age, all day. At the same time I also worked part-time as an administrator at the Budapest office of the Church of the Nazarene from September 2006 to February 2009. For about 7 years I was a member of Kelenföld Evangelical Church (KEGY, formerly known as Living Word Church) where in 2001 I was commissioned unofficially to join the Free Evangelical Church (SZEGY) so as to help plant a new church (later this process was interrupted because the foreign missionaries left Hungary). I have been a member of SZEGY since then. For about four years I was also a member of the Budapest congregation of the Church of the Nazarene which I got to know at the end of 2004. I do not have any official theological qualifications; I have acquired my knowledge through studying the Bible alone and with others, memorizing all the New Testament Letters, and self-education. (To memorize longer Scriptures, I recommend the method I learned from Dan Butts: each day you learn a new verse and leave an old one, reciting 30 verses a day [aloud, if possible]. That way you learn every verse for a month, which leads to quite thorough knowledge. I used to recite the 30 verses aloud twice every morning, and about half a year later revised them with the same method of the "moving passage", this time only 5 verses long. Nowadays I am learning/revising them again.) I am very grateful to my Lord who had mercy even on me the worst sinner. See also the articles on poverty and my suggestions for translators, teachers and others.

Some of the published Christian books and materials that I have translated from English into Hungarian (or revised) are listed below (most of my other translations [in both directions] have been patents, homepages, DIY-booklets, and other official documents):

ABBREVIATIONS: Keresztyén Ismeretterjeszto Alapítvány (KIA), Jó Hír Iratmisszió Alapítvány (Good News Hungarian Literature Mission, Jó Hír), Názáreti Egyház Alapítvány (NEA)

John Lennox: Determined to Believe? (Monarch Books, 2017; Evangéliumi Kiadó, 2020)

David Robertson: Magnificent Obsession: Why Jesus IS Great (Christian Focus, 2013; Evangéliumi Kiadó, 2020)

Francis Schaeffer: The Great Evangelical Disaster (Crossway, 1984; Evangéliumi Kiadó, 2020)

David Gooding: An Unshakeable Kingdom (Myrtlefield Trust, 2013; Evangéliumi Kiadó, 2017)

Don and Sally Meredith: Two Becoming One (Christian Family Life, 2003; KIA, 2016)

Richard P. Heitzenrater: Wesley and the People Called Methodists (Abingdon Press, 1995; Magyarországi Metodista Egyház - KIA, 2017)

Bruce H. Wilkinson: Your Daily Walk (New Testament; Zondervan, 1991; KIA, 2015)

Kurt Anderson, Michael Zachary: The Wilderness Battle (revision, Three Arrows Press, LLC, 2011, Jó Hír, 2014)

The Art of Marriage (printed materials and subtitles of video series, Family Life Publishing, 2011, KIA, 2014)

Max Lucado, Come Thirsty (Thomas Nelson, 2004, KIA, 2014)

Academic Catalogue of the European Nazarene College (revision, Wesley Teológiai Szövetség, 2013)

Max Lucado, Outlive Your Life (Thomas Nelson, 2010, KIA, 2013)

Max Lucado, Fearless (Thomas Nelson, 2009, KIA, 2012)

James Dobson, Bringing up Girls (Tyndale, 2010, KIA, 2011)

Max Lucado, In the Grip of Grace (W Publishing Group, 1996, KIA, 2011)

C. John Miller and Barbara Miller Juliani, Come Back, Barbara! (P & R Publishing, 2nd edition, 1997, KIA, 2010)

William MacDonald: The Disciple's Manual (Gospel Folio Press, 2004, Jó Hír, 2015)

Scott Larson and Dan Mercer (ed.), A Way Out (Straight Ahead Ministries, revision, Jó Hír, 2010)

R. Larry Moyer, Free and Clear - Understanding and Communicating God's Offer of Eternal Life (Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, MI, 1997, revision, Jó Hír, forthcoming)

Joshua Harris, Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is): Sexual purity in a world permeated by lust (Multnomah Publishers, 2003. Original title: Not Even a Hint, Jó Hír, n.d.)

John Wesley, A Plain Account of Christian Perfection (Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, 1966; NEA, 2013; you can find its abridged translation here)

William M. Greathouse and H. Ray Dunning, An Introduction to Wesleyan Theology (Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, 1989; NEA, 2009)

Dennis F. Kinlaw, "We Live As Christ" (Francis Asbury Press, 2001) and "The Mind of Christ" (Evangel Publishing House, 1999) (World Gospel Mission Hungary Alapítvány, 2006)

Don Schmierer, An Ounce of Prevention (Word Publishing, 1998; Új Remény Alapítvány, 2006)

Charles Studd, The Chocolate Soldier, or Heroism - The Lost Chord of Christianity. (translated with my daughter, 2005-2011)

Josh McDowell, The NEW Evidence That Demands a Verdict (KIA, 2004)

J. N. Darby, Synopsis of the Books of the Bible (revision, Evangéliumi Kiadó, 2005)

Dr. Fredk. A. Tatford, Dead Bones Live: An Exposition of Ezekiel's Prophecy (revision, Evangéliumi Kiadó, 2004)

David and Claudia Arp, The Second Half of Marriage (KIA, 2005)

J. Oswald Sanders, Spiritual Leadership (KIA, 2003)

James Dobson, Bringing up Boys (KIA, 2003)

Ken Fleming, Peter Fleming: A Man of Faith (Jó Hír, n.d.)

H. Clay Trumbull, Hints on Child Training (Jó Hír, n.d.)

Hans Finzel, The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make (KIA, 2001)

John M. Frame, Worship in Spirit and Truth (KIA, 2001)

J. I. Packer, Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God (KIA, 2001)

Grant R. Osborne, The Hermeneutical Spiral (revision, KIA, 2001)

Bill Bright, Transferable Truths (new series, revision, Campus Crusade for Christ)

Leading a Small Group (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Donald S. Whitney, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life (KIA, 2000)

Life at the Crossroads (most of the two-volume teacher book of the Youth at the Treshold of Life program [YTL], Campus Crusade for Christ)

Howard and William Hendricks, As Iron Sharpens Iron (KIA, 2000)

Josh McDowell and Don Stewart, ANSWERS to Tough Questions skeptics ask about the Christian faith (revision, KIA, 1999)

John MacArthur, The Master's Plan for the Church (revision, KIA, 1999)

The Bible Knowledge Commentary, from Judges to Song of Songs and from Hosea to Malachi (KIA, 1999)

Awana Handbooks (except Skipper Handbook, Nemzetközileg Magyarország Jövőjéért Alapítvány).

Róbert Hargitai (www.hivo.hu), 02/2005-09/2021.
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